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New Year, New You! Join the Rock Solid® In 6 Challenge for Your Transformation

As we approach the new year, it's time to leave behind the challenges and setbacks of the previous year and embrace a fresh start. If you're looking to ignite your health and wellness journey and become the best version of yourself, we have just the solution for you. Introducing the Rock Solid In 6 Transformation Challenge – a powerful program designed to help you achieve holistic transformation in mind, muscle, and soul. Are you ready to step into your higher self? Let's dive in!

Combat Seasonal Depression with Rock Solid® Strength Test:

The winter season can often bring along low moods and decreased motivation. But fear not, because Rock Solid® Strength Test is here to combat those seasonal blues. This maximum potency natural testosterone booster doubles up as an immune booster and a supplement to reduce symptoms of depression. Feel your confidence, swagger, and outlook on life soar as Rock Solid® strengthens not only your physical health but also your mental well-being.

Early Registration for the Next Rock Solid In 6 Challenge:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the next Rock Solid In 6 Challenge, where you can embark on a six-week transformation journey alongside like-minded individuals. Early registration ensures your spot in this life-altering experience, so take action now and reserve your place! Fall Challenge is Jan 15-Feb 26!

Keep the Momentum Going - 36 Days to Form a New "Healthy" Habit:

We all know that forming new habits can be a challenge. That's why we emphasize the power of consistency in the Rock Solid In 6 Challenge. With a dedicated focus, we guide you through the process of creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime. This is your chance to break free from your comfort zone and adopt a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

What You Get:

Joining the Rock Solid In 6 Challenge means accessing a comprehensive package of support and resources tailored to your unique needs and goals. Here's what you can expect:

1. Coaching from IFBB Pro Sean Harley: Benefit from Sean Harley's expertise as he develops custom workout plans specifically for you.

2. Custom Nutrition Plans: Enjoy your favorite foods while achieving your fitness goals with personalized nutrition plans.

3. Unlimited 1:1 Text Messaging Support: Stay connected with our team for guidance and accountability throughout your journey.

4. Weekly Check-ins for Accountability and Motivation: Our regular check-ins keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals.

5. Biweekly Zoom Coaching: Join our interactive coaching sessions to learn, grow, and stay motivated.

6. Train and Track Success through Our App: Utilize our user-friendly app to monitor your progress and ensure success.

7. Lifetime Access to the Physique Masterclass Online Course: Gain invaluable knowledge and insights with lifetime access to our online course.

8. Community and Camaraderie: Connect with fellow participants within our RSN Group, sharing experiences and supporting each other.

9. Rock Solid Nutrition Product: Select a top-quality Rock Solid Nutrition product to supplement and enhance your workouts.

10. Mindset Coaching: Be prepared to transform not only your body but also your mindset through coaching with Mindy.

Rock Solid 6 week transformation

Make 2024 the year you prioritize your health and wellness. Join the Rock Solid In 6 Transformation Challenge and embrace the opportunity for holistic transformation in mind, muscle, and soul. With a fantastic lineup of resources, support, and guidance from top professionals, you'll be equipped to achieve your goals and experience a new level of confidence and self-belief. Remember, this is your chance for a fresh start – seize it with both hands!

Are you ready to become ROCK SOLID in mind, muscle, and soul? Don't wait – register now and embark on the journey to your best self.


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